5-10 pcs Motorcycle Tire Repairer

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The inside diameter is less than 5mm, no damage to tires, no air leakage. Simply insert the nail into the tire wound to complete simple and efficient tire repair work.



Perfect Sealing Effect
It adheres firmly to the tire, has high connection strength, good sealing performance prevents water from entering the wound, so the steel belt will not rust or delamination.

Easy To Operate
Easy to install with this tire repair nail, you can repair your tire by yourself, do not find the auto repair shop, economical and time-saving


High Temperature&Wear Resistance
Made of top-quality rubber, features high-temperature resistance,high hardness and high wear resistance. Long service life,one repair is enough, no need for two repairs.



Wide Application
Professional puncture repair nail can be used on car, motorcycle truck bus and agricultural tires.

*Material: Rubber
Package Contents:
Tubeless Tyre Repair Nail x 5/10

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