Electric IH Cooker Cooktop Stove
Electric IH Cooker Cooktop Stove
Electric IH Cooker Cooktop Stove
Electric IH Cooker Cooktop Stove
Electric IH Cooker Cooktop Stove
Electric IH Cooker Cooktop Stove

Electric IH Cooker Cooktop Stove

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Product Description

Note:It needs to be cooked with an iron pot for Induction Cooker.Fit diameter 12cm-24cm iron pot.


- Double burner design. Perfect choice for you.

- 1200W+1400W super power.

- Touch type keys, one-key type firepower control. Multiple cooking function, easy to operate.

- Black crystal panel. High temperature resistance, and easy to clean.

- Fan with large wind force. Faster heat dissipation.

- Non-slip pads.



Types: Induction cooker+Ceramic-Cooker

Color: Black

Rated Power: 1200W+1400W

Rated Voltage: 110V

Firepower Regulation: 8 gear firepower



Double-head induction cookerThis professional digital double-head induction cooktop is equipped with 2 round top heating zones, which can be independently configured with temperature zone settings and digital LCD display.Fit diameter 12cm-24cm iron pot

Easy to use1200W+1400W super power, dual burner design, touch button, one-button fire control, a variety of cooking functions, non-slip mat, easy to operate, is your ideal choice.

Sensor Touch and Far Infrared Heating The touch screen buttons are durable and seamlessly integrated with the glass cover to maximize cooking surface area and easy to clean after use. Even if you use it for a long time, the button will not fade or lose sensitivity. The heat transfer of far-infrared light waves has both heating effects; the wind turbine has large wind power and fast heat dissipation.

Multiple cooking modes Switch from one cooking mode to another with a single click. It features manual cooking, including frying, steam and water modes for easy cooking, and automatic heating to keep the food warm for later use. Microcomputer control, automatic temperature adjustment activities, easy to operate; black crystal panel, high temperature resistance, easy to clean, durable.

Energy efficientThis heavy-duty 110V electromagnetic cooktop uses electromagnets to cook food, so it does not dissipate heat between the cooking surface and the pot, making it highly energy efficient and making cooking easier and faster. It can be used in any place with electricity, and is an ideal countertop burner for camping, RV, simple houses and limited space.


Package Included:

1 x Cooker

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