high quality cable buckle
high quality cable buckle

high quality cable buckle

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Fed up of Plastic Cable Ties, Sticky tape or low quality self adhesive wraps for cable management? The plastic use-once cable ties are a real pain when you need to alter the route of a loom, add or remove cables from it. Sticky tape tends to leave sticky deposits on the cables which traps gunk and dead insects and looks awful. For low quality Wraps, the plastic (hook) separates from the fabric (loop) easier than they do from each other.

If you have a drawer full of wires that have been tangled up, or you have done a clean up of your flat it was virtually impossible to get the wires organised even after untangling them, you will be in love with these these wonderful little cable management beauties


Material : pp+nylon

Size : As photo shows

Color : black

Width: 1.5 cm
Weight: 0.5 meters: 11 grams
              1 meter: 14 grams
              2 meters: 20.9 grams
              3 meters: 27 grams
              5 meters: 39.54 grams

Package Included

1PC Velcro


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