Luxury Ring X Bracalet
Luxury Ring X Bracalet

Luxury Ring X Bracalet

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Feature- Buy three arbitrary products and give a random gift of fine jewelry
1.After you wear this product, you are more attractive to your lover.
2. Silver ions in silver ornaments have a certain health care effect on human body, which can play a role in sterilization and recovery of wound healing.
10 years old shop, focus on jewelry, design team, storage area
3.We sell jewellery, and our goods are genuine and inexpensive. If the jewelry has no value, then it is not called jewelry. When the value matches the item, it is first-class good.
Since the human eye and the camera will be different, some color differences are normal. Please understand. Thank you
4. It is suitable for dressing up during the festival, Christmas and Halloween can make you more attractive to others
Silver defect  Tips
1. Silver ornaments are easy to react with air and sulfur in sweat. It produces black substance, which makes silver jewelry lose its original luster.
2. The higher the purity of silver ornament, the softer it is, and easy to cause certain scratches
3. Based on the above two points, it takes more time to maintain silver jewelry.

1Measurement In CM

US & CAN UK&Europe & Australia Ring CIR(mm)
5 15.7 49.3
6 16.5 51.9
7 17.3 54.4
8 18.1 59.5
9 18.9 59.5
10 19.8 62.1
11 20.6 64.6
12 21.4 67.2

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