Multifunctional Lazy Flower Waterer Bottle Watering

Multifunctional Lazy Flower Waterer Bottle Watering

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Color: orange
Automatic plant care with cute carrot design-Create an automatic watering system to ensure that your plants always have enough water, without having to water a worry-free leisure irrigation device every day-Keep plants irrigated for up to 7 days (maybe due to plant type, Size, environment, etc.).
Slow drip irrigation through the tip, dripping when the soil dries. Easy to install-just insert the drinker into the soil and irrigate.
You will know when to add water at the height of carrot leaves.
Suitable for medium to large plants. Plant healthier plants-Automated watering can prevent insufficient and excessive watering and promote root health.
In addition, no overflow means you will not lose any soil or nutrients

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