Socket holder PLUG
Socket holder PLUG

Socket holder PLUG

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1. Designed with super-viscous acrylic glue for free design of power board holders, no residue sticking, longer bonding time, stronger adhesion, quick and easy installation without tools or drilling.

2.The design allows you to fix and separate, the holder can be reused, this item does not have any unnecessary decoration, looks clean and classic, perfectly matching your home decor style .

3.Secure the power board. remote control. Tissue boxes, routers, adapters, etc. Need to fix items. Can be installed in the kitchen, bathroom, office, bedroom wall. It can work in smooth tiles, mirrors, flat stainless steel, acrylic, plastic, laminate bases, etc.


Colors: white

Size: as picture

Weight: 40g

Material: PP

Package include

1 pc Socket Holder

Note - This wall does not work properly on the painted wall. May damage the paint.

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