USB Emergency Charger

USB Emergency Charger

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Our charger is the world's smallest phone charger. Not like any other charging power banks, it has small size, very lightweight and convenient. You just need AA batteries and then your smartphone can be charged. It will bring surprises for you. Just try it!

Small size, portable and lightweight, the phone charger is primarily designed for emergency use, you can carry it to anywhere you want. 
No need to be charged, it only needs two batteries(5#AA batteries/5# rechargeable batteries) which are easy to get from store or household, very convenient to charge your smartphone.
Built-in protection circuit, if the AA batteries are exhausted or the device(like phone) has been charged fully, it will be disconnected by itself and stop charging.
Adopt imported intelligent managing charging IC, the output current of the batteries is based on the rated receiving current of the charged device(like phone) to automatically adjust. Adjustment range is within 500mAh-1500mAh.
Built-in DC-DC boosted circuit, just using 5#AA batteries and it can boost the charging to 5V, and the conversion efficiency can reach 98%. The new 5#AA batteries can charge 40% within 30 minutes and extend your phone (with 2500mAh battery) using time for another 3 hours.
When not using, you can put it into your bag or pocket, or you can hang it into your keyring. With magnetism, easy to place and find it.
Suitable for android phone/MP3/MP4/PSP/GPS.

Material: ABS + silicone
Input Voltage: 1.5-3V
Output Voltage: 5V
Output Current: 500mAh-1500mAh
Output USB: micro usb
Color: black, blue, red(optional)
Suitable type: for android phone/MP3/MP4/PSP/GPS
Item size: 17 * 17 * 18mm / 0.67 * 0.67 * 0.71in
Item weight: 13g / 0.46oz
Package weight: 26g / 0.92oz
Package size: 14 * 7.5 * 2cm / 5.51 * 2.95 * 0.79in

Package list:
1 * Phone Charger

When using 1A-1.5A batteries to charge for your phone, it is normal if the batteries get heated after charging 5-10 minutes. Because the current of the batteries is small and they have to boost current quickly when charging. If the batteries have not enough power, the batteries will get heated also. There is no need to worry about.aeProduct.getSubject()aeProduct.getSubject()aeProduct.getSubject()aeProduct.getSubject()aeProduct.getSubject()aeProduct.getSubject()120+ Free Website Trust Badges & Trust Seals To Help Boost Sales - Trust  Lock

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